Hides-His-Eyes and his companion An-Zaw enjoy their freedom while it lasts in the Suran Tradehouse

The Twin Lamps are an organization that can be obscure and confusing to players, because they have no main base, hardly any members the player can talk to, and the game marks the player's achievement of their goals with no rewards, no advancement, and few Journal notes to boot.

That being said, their goal is such that many players will follow every lead to achieve them, rewards or no.

The Twin Lamps work outside of a system that has a long standing tradition of enslaving non-Dunmer people, in particular Khajits and Argonians, to free slaves and lead them to safety. The Twin Lamps believe that slavery is morally wrong and ought to be abolished. Abolitionists are not very popular amongst the xenophobic and tradition bound Dunmer people; the Twin Lamps must needs be a small group, with agents across Vvardenfell, and connections to the Morrowind power structure.

The leader of the Twin Lamps is, in fact, herself a Dunmer, and a rather important one at that: Ilmeni Dren, is a high ranking member of House Hlaalu, and also happens to be the daughter of Vedam Dren, the current duke of Vvardenfell. Perhaps it is not surprising that her uncle Orvas Dren is the head of the Camonna Tong, and runs Dren Plantation, which employs the largest number of slaves in Vvardenfell; she has had an opportunity to see slavery first hand. Ilmeni has rejected the palatial dwellings that Morrowind society both considers her birthright and expects of her, and dwells in a commoner's apartment in Vivec City's Vivec St. Delyn Canton.

Engaged in a risky business, the Twin Lamps limits their risk by only associating with those who have proven their loyalty. After the player has freed nine slaves the conversation topic "Twin Lamps" will appear. After the player has freed 21 slaves, anyone that knows it, such as slaves themselves, can tell the player the Twin Lamps' secret password (high enough disposition is also required). Ilmeni Dren gives two quests to the player once they tell her the password: The Twin Lamps and Free Hides-His-Foot. It is typical of the 'fifth wheel' lack of detail given by the game for this organization that the quests she gives are actually House Hlaalu quests.

Although Dunmer have kept slaves for centuries and like to think of the abolition movement as cultural domination by the hated Imperial occupation, the Twin Lamps are not the first organization that has opposed slavery. It required no Imperial influence to inspire the beliefs of an ancient Dunmer faction known as the Bal Molagmer, who also opposed slavery, long before the Imperial invasion. Rumor has it that someone within the Cyrodiil Thieves Guild may have ambitions to revive this ancient organization.

A prominent member of the Twin Lamps is Im-Kilaya, who heads the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. Jobasha, who runs Jobasha's Rare Books in Vivec's Vivec Foreign Quarter, is at least sympathetic to the Lamps, although he is not marked as a member, and rewards the player with some Skill Books after sufficient slaves have been freed.

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Members Edit

All of the official members of the Twin Lamps (given that tag by the game) are Argonians in the Ebonheart Argonian Mission. They are: Im-Kilaya the Mage; An-Deesei and Geel-Lah, Monks; Ukawei the Healer; Onasha the Agent. Onasha provides training in Sneak, Acrobatics, and Light Armor.

Involved or Sympathizers Edit

NPCs not technically in the Twin Lamps faction, but involved with them in one way or another, are actually more likely to be quest givers, feature prominently in quests, or have more extensive interaction with the player. They are: Galyn Arvel, the Dunmer Rogue in Ald Velothi; Sterdecan the Redguard Farmer in Ascadian Isles (4,-5); Jobasha the Khajiit Bookseller in Jobasha's Rare Books, Vivec Foreign Quarter; Ilmeni Dren the Dunmer Noble in Vivec St. Delyn Canton, house name Canal South-One.

Quests Edit

The quests below are compiled from miscellaneous quests in the game that are related to the Twin Lamps; there are no exclusive Twin Lamps quests. There is, however, the ongoing objectives to free 9 and then 21 slaves to hear of the Lamps and receive their password, respectively.

Free the Slaves Edit

The Runaway Slave Edit

Slave Mule Edit

Rabinna is a Khajit slave that Cammona Tong member Relam Arinith (in the hidden basement of Fatleg's Drop Off in Hla Oad) wants delivered to Vorar Helas in Balmora. Once the player agrees (almost all good actions in this game require going along with the bad guys for a while; consider it undercover work), speaking with Rabinna, if her disposition is high enough, will reveal the whole setup. Rabinna is a mule, to be killed on arrival for the Moon Sugar the Cammona Tong made her swallow.

Helas always carries 400 gold and the Medusa ring and the key to his house. Therefore, there are two ways to receive not only Helas' reward, but Im-Kilaya's. The first is unnecessarily lengthy and risky: escort Rabinna to Balmora (lengthy at normal player speed, given NPC pathing code, let alone a player with Boots of Blinding Speed) and hand her over, receiving payment, then aid her in killing him (risky, not to you, but to Rabinna), loot his corpse then take her to the Argonian Mission. Escorting Rabinna to Ebonheart first, receiving the 400 gold and disposition boost with the Twin Lamps, and then Recall or Almsivi to Vivec Temple and Guild Guide / Silt Strider, etc, to Balmora to deal with Helas.

Killing Helas will automatically raise Rabinna's disposition, should it be too low for her to inform the player of the Argonian Mission.

No stages of the quest are flagged as closing it. Some of the conditions are not mutually exclusive (i.e., you can kill Rabinna, Helas, and Arinith), so it may be that the quest was too buggy to close. Or it just may reflect the slapdash quality of the Twin Lamp quests in general. See Journal entry 75, where the entire 'slaughter' sentence is repeated. Entries that are reflective of player actions that take the quest as far as it can go are 108, 109, 113, and 115.

The quest ID# is id=MV_SlaveMule

The Drunken Bounty Hunter Edit

In 'Desele's House of Earthly Delights' in Suran stands a bald Breton with a faraway stare, Daric Bielle. Turns out this is due to Bielle's liberal sampling of the liquid delights on offer. He took to a more amenable and relaxed pursuit at the end of a very long search for a missing Argonian slave, 'Haj-Ei'. The quest proved fruitless despite the patient and dedicated assistance of the Argonian 'Hides-His-Eyes'.

The local citizenry require a Disposition of 60 to tell the player that he might find more information from the local Slave dealer, Dranas Sarathram. Sarathram gives the player possible translations of the name Hides-His-Eyes, including Haj-Ei. Hides-His-Eyes will plead with the player to keep his identity secret; doing so gains a +5 faction bonus with the Twin Lamps guild. Choosing to turn him over to his hunter makes for a -5 faction penalty instead, and Haj-Ei will attack.

Once the player has agreed protect Hides-His-Eyes' identity, returning to Bielle is pointless, as there are no lines of dialogue to further misdirect him from his quarry or some such activity, as there is if the character is an Argonian or has Intelligence greater than 90. There is only the same line of dialogue as with Haj-Ei: "Hides-His-Eyes is Haj-Ei" Double-crossing Haj-Ei by agreeing to keep his secret but then telling Bielle anyway does little: Bielle refuses to believe his trusty ally is his quarry, but will give the 150 gold reward. Returning to Bielle when Haj is dead also gets the 150 gold reward, and Bielle of course will continue to do nothing about Haj-Ei, and Haj-Ei will attack if the player speaks to him.

The 90 Intelligence / Argonian line completes the quest with Bielle much more succinctly; line ID# 90 is a journal entry for Argonian characters only.

The quest ID# is id=MV_BountyHunter

Tul's Escape Edit

House Hlaalu Edit

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Journal Entries Edit

Stage Indices Slave Mule
10 There is a man in Fatleg's Dropoff in Hla Oad who would like me to deliver a slave for him to Balmora. The slave looks pathetic, malnourished, and broken
20 It seems this slave is the final part of a payment for some deal Relam Arinith has made with Vorar Helas in Balmora. If I agree to do this, Helas will reward me upon my arrival
30 I have agreed to deliver the slave, Rabinna, to Vorar Helas in Balmora. He can be found in the east side of town
65 Rabinna has told me the "payment" owed to Vorar Helas wasn't she herself, but rather what the she was carrying. Apparently, Arinith had forced the slave to swallow a large quantity of wrapped moon sugar, and this was what was owed to Vorar Helas
75 Now that I have gained Rabinna's confidence, she has told me Helas will likely slaughter her for the drugs once we arrive in Balmora. She feels her only hope of survival is to be taken to Im-Kilaya at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. Apparently, Im-Kaliya has been known to help smuggle slaves to freedom. Helas will likely slaughter her for the drugs once we arrive in Balmora
95 I have agreed to help Rabinna get to Ebonheart in the hopes that someone in the Argonian mission might help her obtain her freedom
100 While I understand Rabinna's desire for freedom, I have decided to deliver her as planned to Vorar Helas in Balmora
101 Rabinna has been killed while I was escorting her
102 Upon arriving at my destination in Balmora, Vorar Helas immediately attacked the slave Rabinna, attempting to kill her.
103 Vorar Helas tells me that the "payment" owed to him wasn't the slave, but rather what the Rabinna was carrying. Apparently, Arinith had forced the slave to swallow a large quantity of wrapped moon sugar, and this was what was owed to him
105 Vorar Helas has told me I'd better get the moon sugar he is owed, or there will be trouble
108 Vorar Helas has rewarded me well for my effort in bringing him his "payment." He has given me 400 septims and an enchanted ring. It's a shame about Rabinna; she would have been a fine slave, had she survived
109 I've finally gotten Vorar Helas his moon sugar, and he's given me my payment
110 Vorar Helas was very unhappy I showed up again without his moon sugar, and he attacked me
111 Rabinna is grateful that Helas is dead, as he would have killed her for the drugs she carries
112 I have agreed to take Rabinna to Im Kilaya
113 Rabinna will find her way to freedom on her own
114 Rabinna and I have arrived at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart
115 I have delivered Rabinna to Im Kilaya in Ebonheart, for which both were very grateful. Im Kaliya has given me some money to help fund any further slave emancipations I might participate in
Stage Indices Quest Ends Bounty Hunter
10 While in the House of Earthly Delights in Suran, I met a Breton named Daric Bielle. He is a drunken sot, obviously hasn't showered in weeks, and reeks of failure
20 Bielle is a bounty hunter, or former bounty hunter. For months now, he has been tracking a runaway slave, Haj-Ei. But the slave has proven more elusive than he thought, he has been unable to catch him, and has been unsuccessful at killing him and collecting the bounty that way. Daric and his guide, Hides His Eyes, have been in Suran for weeks, hoping to hear word of the elusive runaway
30 I have agreed to try and find Haj-Ei, although I don't know if I will be any more successful than the bounty hunter. Bielle has said he will reward me well, giving me a share of the bounty. He had heard that Haj-Ei had been hiding out somewhere around town, but isn't sure exactly where. Of course, anything this man says is somewhat suspect
40 Ends I've decided not to take up this bounty hunter's quest to find the escaped slave. I have no desire to become involved in this dispute
50 I've asked around town about Haj-Ei's whereabouts, but no one seems sure. Either that, or they're unwilling to tell me
60 People in Suran don't seem to know much about the escaped slave. They did, however, suggest I talk to Dranas Sarathram, the slaver in town. It figures he would know about any escaped slaves in the area
65 While the people of Suran don't seem to know a lot about the whereabouts of Haj-Ei, some have suggested I talk to Dranas Sarathra, the local slaver. He apparently has become an expert in Argonians, their culture, and language
70 Dranas Sarathram doesn't know of any escaped slaves in the area. He says it's often difficult to track down the Argonian slaves, as few non-Argonians can speak their language, and Argonians themselves aren't likely to help
80 When I asked him more about the Argonian language, Dranas told me that Hides His Eyes actually translates to Haj-Ei. This seems to be more than a simple coincidence.
90 Although Daric Bielle would never know it, being both a Breton and a drunkard, Hides His Eyes translates very nearly to Haj-Ei, the name of the guide he's been paying the last few weeks. These softskins will never understand
100 Speaking with Dranas Sarathram jogged something in my memory about Argonian culture, and the way their names are translated. Though Daric Bielle would never put it together through his alcohol-soaked brain, Hides His Eyes translates very nearly to Haj-Ei in the Argonian language. I remember reading about the interesting Argonian naming conventions at some point in my studies.
110 I've confronted Hides His Eyes, or Haj-Ei, about being the escaped slave Daric Bielle has been looking for. He made no attempt to deny the fact, and seemed proud to have actually gotten Bielle to pay him as a guide for the last few weeks. He has asked me not to tell Bielle about his true identity
120 Ends I've agreed not to tell anyone about Hides His Eyes being the escaped slave. It doesn't seem right to force this man back into bondage
130 Ends I've told Haj-Ei that I am honor-bound to tell Bielle his secret. He says he would rather die than be forced back into slavery.
140 Ends I have told Daric Bielle about Hides His Eyes being the very slave he has been looking for. In his drunken stupor, I don't know that he even understood my explanation, but he thanked me for my help and gave me the reward money I was promised