House Telvanni is one of the three great houses that in partnership rule and administer the island of Vvardenfell in Morrowind. House Telvanni is ruled by a council made up of the Telvanni Mage-Lords who are among the oldest and most powerful mage's in Vvardenfell. The House Telvanni mage-lords usually don't involve themselves in the day to day politics of the great houses and prefer to keep to themselves and preform various magical research projects.

Joining House TelvanniEdit

In order to join House Telvanni you must speak with the Telvanni Mouths which are located in the council building near the docks in Sadrith Mora. Once you have joined the House Telvanni you have to complete various chore's for the mage-lords. After completing some of these chore's you can advance through the house until you reach a point where you have to find a patron to support you so you can become a Telvanni Mouth. A patron has to be one of the mage-lords belonging to house Telvanni that is willing to take you on.

Telvanni MouthsEdit

The Telvanni Mouths speak for their respective Telvanni mage-lords as the mage-lords themselves do not really bother with any politics or people who they find are unimportant. There are only five* Telvanni Mouths and there are six major mage-lords, not every mage-lord has a Telvanni Mouth to represent them giving you the opportunity to become the Mouth of one of these mage-lords. The Telvanni Mouths often deal with almost every daily need of their respective mage-lords including fetching them personal items, magical items and weapons, and magical supplies and potions.