The Fighter's Guild is a guild for adventuring mercenaries, and has five locations through out Morrowind. The Fighter's guild offers many services and training for the physical combat based adventurer. The guild offer's advancement and many quests to complete. The guild usually takes jobs and offers quests that are morally good ones that avoid hurting innocent people and stealing from the innocent.


The locations for the Fighter's Guild are Balmora(right next to the Mage's Guild), Aid'Ruhn, Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora, Molog Mar, and Vivec.


The Fighter's Guild offers a variety of training for the avid adventurer. Such training choices include armor proficiencies, combat training, specific weapon training, weapon and armor repair training, and physical skill training such as Acrobatics and Athletics. As with other guilds the training will increase in price as your skill does and is limited by the trainer.


The Fighter's Guild offers many services such as bartering for weapons armor and ammo for projectile based weapons such as Bows. Also offered at the guild is the ability to have your armor and weapons repaired to keep their quality in good condition.


As with all of the other guilds your advancement through this guild is based on completing various duties. The required skills for advancement are based around weapons, armor, and physical prowess.