The Boots of Blinding' Speed are an extremely powerful Light Armor item, with a Continuous +200 to Speed. They have a single critical drawback that is easily dealt with: Continuous 100% Blind. The Blind component will render the screen completely black, and this effect cannot be removed, only prevented or ameliorated to some extent with Night Eye. Every point of Resist Magicka that the player has will prevent a point of the Blind, preventing it completely at 100% Resist Magicka. The Minimap and World Map views are unaffected.

It is obtained by completing a quest or found as loot on the body of the quest giver: Pemenie

Trader Abandoned Edit

A Redguard female on the road north out of Caldera says she is a trader, and requests to be escorted to Gnaar Mok

Pemenie's Position on Map

Gnaar Mok's Position on Map

Gnaar Mok is almost directly west of Pemenie's position. A range of rocky hills runs northwest to southeast across this more direct route; there are passes around the hills to the north and south. The path to the north is a little shorter. Another option is to go over the hills; this requires both the player and Pemenie to be Levitating, and the player must be prepared with a custom Levitate on Touch or on Target spell. NPC pathing is not the greatest, and Levitation actually makes Pemenie follow the player more closely.

Speaking with townspeople in Caldera or Gnaar Mok reveals that Pemenie is wanted for a crime whose nature is never revealed; she has a bounty on her head. Even as a felon, she is protected by murder laws; killing her in cold blood will increase the player's bounty. If she dies before reaching Gnaar Mok, the player receives a 'finished quest' entry, and the Boots can be looted from her body. Once the 'bounty' topic is available, speaking with her on this subject three times will cause her to stop following the player. Successive haranguing on the subject will cause her to attack the player; killing her under these circumstances, or after Taunting or Frenzying her into attacking, while obviously immoral behaviour by the character, does not incur a murder bounty.

Blind Countering Strategies Edit

Bretons have a natural 50% Resist Magicka, and only need a further 50% to resist the Blind completely

Notes Edit

  • Tribunal expansion: donate the boots to the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold as part of a quest requirement

Trader Abandoned
Stage Indices Quest Ends Quest Entry Text
10 I met Pemenie, a Redguard trader, while traveling west of Balmora. She would like help getting a shipment of goods to Gnaar Mok. Seems her escort abandoned her on the trip
20 I've agreed to escort Pemenie to Gnaar Mok in exchange for some enchanted boots she currently has in her inventory.
30 Ends I've decided not to escort Pemenie to Gnaar Mok. Something about her seems a bit off, and I have no idea what these "Boots of Blinding Speed" actually are.
40 I've been told by some locals that the trader Pemenie has a bounty on her head, and should not be trusted.
50 When questioned about having a bounty on her head, Pemenie told me that it simply wasn't true, and was probably a case of mistaken identity. She sounded insincere at best.
60 Pemenie has become increasingly agitated when asked about the bounty. I fear there is more to this "honest trader" than meets the eye.
70 Pemenie became so enraged when I asked her again about the bounty that she declined to follow me any further. That woman is clearly not the simple trader she claims to be.
90 Pemenie and I have arrived in Gnaar Mok.
100 Ends I was able to escort Pemenie safely to Gnaar Mok, and in exchange, she gave me the Boots of Blinding Speed. I have not yet worn them, but they may be powerful indeed.
110 Ends While escorting her to Gnaar Mok, Pemenie met an unfortunate end. Well, unfortunate for her, anyway.
The quest ID# is id=MV_TraderAbandoned